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PostBase Qi6

Franking machine with automatic feeder

Features and Benefits
  • Easy to use colour touchscreen
  • 3kg, 5kg or 7kg integrated scale
  • High speed Wi-Fi, LAN or 3G connectivity
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Automatic label printing
  • Navigator Plus software for full and detailed reporting
  • Fully automatic feeder
  • PC/tablet output for accounting.
The PostBase Qi6 from FP Mailing will make quick, quiet and easy work of your mailings.

Our PostBase Qi6 is designed for busy offices and departments. With a fully automatic feeder, easy to use colour touchscreen, full accounting functionality and access to Royal Mail’s volume related discounts it will comfortably process your batches of daily post and the occasional large mailing.

Just stack your letters, postcards or other mail items in the adjustable feeder tray and FP’s patented fully automatic feeder will very quickly and quietly glide them through the machine; leaving you with a perfectly franked impression including the Mailmark barcode, ready for your Royal Mail collection.

Made especially for Mailmark and all the benefits this includes, such as volume-related discounts; the PostBase Qi6 is a technologically advanced machine but the colour touchscreen makes it so easy to use. Very similar to a smart phone with 4.3” screen and home button, or controlled through a tablet or PC anyone in your office will be able to very quickly access the available functions, change accounts and add marketing messages to your post. 

The Qi6 gives you three connection options to meet your network requirements. For fast access to the latest Royal Mail postage rates, to add funds to your machine or to send and receive VAT and service data; you can choose from a wired LAN connection, Wi-Fi (meaning your franking machine can be used where there are no available sockets) or 3G router where a connection to your network is not possible. Our trained engineers fully install the equipment for you, give training and test connections to ensure there is no disruption to your outgoing mail. 

If you need to account for the mail items you send, including producing reports for your own records or billing different departments then the Qi6 will connect to a tablet or your PC for advanced accounting functions. Reports for your different accounts can be created and will record the dates and types of mail posted. These can be exported to further review in Microsoft Excel, or printed and emailed as a PDF.

The Royal Mail offer higher-tiered discounts for bulk mailings from as little as 500 items. Using the Qi6 model along with these services it will dramatically reduce your postage costs with only the press of a button. Our Account Managers are mail specialists and will happily provide you with all the relevant information to ensure that you get the best value from your post.


Lowest UK franking prices.

Dedicated professional account management.

Award winning franking equipment.

Easy to use colour touchscreens and quiet operation.

Royal Mail approved equipment.