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PostBase Vision 5S
Advanced Semi-Automatic Feeding franking machine
Features and Benefits
  • Easy to use colour touchscreen
  • Semi automatic feeder
  • 5kg integrated scale
  • Label dispenser
  • High speed Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Online management of postage accounts
  • Optional automatic feeder
  • 15 rate shortcuts
  • 150 accounts

PostBase Vision 5S

The brand new PostBase Vision 5S from FP Mailing is the perfect partner for your post. The PostBase’s award-winning design has advanced with the new PostBase Vision 5S, which includes an extremely quiet semi-automatic feeder, which when combined with Mailmark Extra will make easy work of your mail run and offers your business the cheapest postage prices.

In addition to the performance of the PostBase Vision franking system, the quiet operation of the machine is always mentioned. The unique conveyor system designed by FP Mailing smoothly feeds your mail through the feeder and meter extremely quietly so other members of staff in your office are not disturbed and you can continue your phone conversation while franking your mail.


Easy to use

Key to the PostBase range’s design is the intuitive interface. From this easy to use 5” colour touchscreen you (or anyone else even without training) will have full control of the machine’s features and within a few touches of the screen you can quickly and easily select the Royal Mail service; weigh and then correctly price your items ready for franking.

Mailmark and Wi-Fi connection
The Royal Mail’s barcoding for franked mail called Mailmark requires an internet connection for adding postage funds, downloading up to date postage rates and sending postage data. This may sound complicated but the PostBase Vision has been designed specifically for this encrypted technology and easily connects to your office network. Our trained engineers will install the equipment for you and offer the choice of a wired LAN connection, Wi-Fi or 3G router so whatever your setup the PostBase Vision will be your perfect choice.

Security features are built into the PostBase Office range and include the option to request a PIN number to be entered before funds are added to your machine or before the equipment can be used to send mail. This simple yet effective feature can easily be turned on to protect your machine and departmental accounts from unauthorised use.



Lowest UK franking prices.

Dedicated professional account management.

Award winning franking equipment.

Easy to use colour touchscreens and quiet operation.

Royal Mail approved equipment.