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New Royal Mail Prices 2018
2018 Royal Mail prices effective from 26th March


The new 2018 Royal Mail prices will be effective from Monday 26th March 2018.

These new postage tariffs will mean changes to franking prices.


Unfortunately this will mean an increase to your postage spend but the good news is that customers using the new Mailmark 2D barcoding system are still saving and will be spending far less on their post than customers using a franking machine that is still printing the old style frank mark.


 Download 2018 Franking postage price table

 Download 2018 Mailmark postage price table

 Download 2018 International postage price table


Postal discounts have been increased for Mailmark customers as part of the migration to all franking machines printing a barcode. The Royal Mail says that “the modern mail industry is all about barcodes because they bring efficiencies” and “want all the items they handle – letters and parcels – to carry a barcode”. Also some services such as Royal Mail’s Volume Related Discounts (VRD) can only be accessed using a Mailmark franking machine.

If you would like more information regarding the switch to Mailmark then please call us on 01322 288890 to speak with a local Account Manager or send an email to



Updating your franking machine with the new prices

If you have a Mailmark machine this will automatically update with the new rates on the 26th March 2018.

If your machine is not using Mailmark then we will have contacted you regarding a Rate Card which needs to be loaded prior to 26th March 2018. Rate Cards are being sent out shortly and should be loaded as soon as possible. Don’t worry your machine will not switch to the new prices until 26th March.

If you wish to discuss upgrading to Mailmark or if you are unsure which system you are using then please contact us on 01322 288890 or send an email to



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