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New Royal Mail Prices 2019
2019 Royal Mail prices effective from 25th March


The new 2019 Royal Mail prices will be effective from Monday 25th March 2019.

The new postage tariffs will mean changes to prices for anyone using the Royal Mail for their letters and parcels.


No one likes a price increase but there are ways to reduce your postage spend if you are not already using a new Mailmark or Mailmark Extra franking machine. Postal discounts have been increased for Mailmark customers as part of the migration to all franking machines printing a barcode. The Royal Mail says that “the modern mail industry is all about barcodes because they bring efficiencies” and “want all the items they handle – letters and parcels – to carry a barcode”. Also services such as Royal Mail’s Businessmail Advance can now only be accessed using a Mailmark franking machine.

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Using Stamps?

 Download 2019 Stamp postage prices


Postage savings if you are using Stamps or the Post Office

If you are still using Stamps then you are missing out on up to 33% savings on your First Class and Second Class post. With a Mailmark franking machine you will also save when posting international letters and parcels and Special Delivery and Recorded items.

We would like to tell you more about these savings and can very quickly and easily show you how much your business will save by switching to franking, so contact us today on 01322 288890 or email to find out how much you would save.




Using franking?

 Download 2019 franking postage price table


Postage savings for franking customers

If your franking machine is still printing the traditional indicia (as shown above) then you are missing out on the biggest postage discounts. Mailmark is the new 2D barcode that Royal Mail can process far more efficiently making postage cheaper and these savings are passed on to you.

In addition to Royal Mail’s Mailmark discounts you would also benefit from an additional penny discount on every item sent with our exclusive Mailmark Extra tariff.

If your franking machine has not yet been switched over to print the new barcode then please get in touch by calling 01322 288890 or send an email to for more information.




Using Mailmark?

 Download 2019 Mailmark postage price table


How Mailmark customers can save even more

If your franking machine is already printing a Mailmark barcode then you are taking advantage of Royal Mail’s best prices, however we offer our customers Mailmark Extra which is even cheaper.

Mailmark Extra is an exclusive tariff for our PostBase Qi and One customers giving them an extra 1p discount on every First and Second Class Letter they send. 1p doesn’t sound much but it soon adds up, so don’t miss out!

Also, if you send batches of letters, invoices/statements or direct marketing then we would like the chance to tell you more about Royal Mail’s volume related discounts meaning you can send these items for just 32.8p.

If you would like to reduce your postage spend this year then please give us the opportunity to show you how. Please call us on 01322 288890 to speak with a local Account Manager or send an email to

























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What our happy customers have to say:
FP supply all of our offices throughout London. The savings are significant against stamps and the machines are so simple to use. Additionally we are able to get a complete audit of all our postal spend which is brilliant for our accounts and one dedicated account manager looking after us
Ludlow Thompson
Changing the franking machine was my best decision in a long time. Really easy to use and never had a problem.
Building Services Manager
We have been a customer of FP mailing for over 15 years and have always been delighted with both the products and the service. Incredibly easy to get hold of and we have always had the same account manager who looks after us perfectly
Gibraltar House
We recently switched over our Franking machine supplier to FP and what a great decision it was! Everyone loves the new machine and it was refreshing to find an account manager who understood our needs, delivered on his promises and even came in and installed our machine- highly recommend.
SR Doyle Ltd
We currently have an FP Mailing Postbase- Lindsey explained everything clearly before we bought and machine is so easy to operate.
247 Allclean
We switched over to FP Mailing last year and so far have been absolutely delighted. Machine is great and joy of joys we can actually speak to customer service in the UK if we have any queries!
Office Oracle
We recently bought a Postbase from Darrell and have been exceptionally pleased. He was well informed and offered excellent advice as well as demonstrating the machine before we bought and popping in after installation to ensure we were happy. Everyone in the office loves the machine which is really easy to use and so quiet!
Forever Green Estates