Franking Box Search

Find your local franked mail box

Use Royal Mail’s “Services Near You” facility to find your local franked mail box.

How and where to post your franked mail

Once your mail has been franked you can have it collected by Royal Mail, drop it into your local Post Office, put it into a normal Royal Mail post box in a meter posting envelope or use your local franking box or Meter Posting box.

Business Post Boxes or Franked/Meter Mail boxes

Business Post Boxes are much bigger than Royal Mail’s post boxes so you can post your letters, large letters and small parcels into these boxes and the Royal Mail collect them at the end of each day. Pouches for your letters are provided free of charge by the Royal Mail and your empty pouches are then returned to you each morning with your Royal Mail post.

franking box

Royal Mail collection from your premises

Royal Mail can collect your mail from your office at a pre-arranged time every day free of charge based on your postage volumes each year. If you use Royal Mail’s Business Mail advance service these ad hoc collections are also free of charge. If you have any questions about a Royal Mail collection please get in touch with your Account Manager or contact us on 01322 288890.


Using your local Post Office branch

Your franked mail can be posted at your local Post Office branch. You can find your local Post Office using their Post Office Branch Finder tool which includes details showing their opening and closing times.

post office

Using a Post box

Small quantities of letters can be posted in agreed Royal Mail Post Boxes using a meter posting envelope which we supply. Each meter posting envelope can hold 30 letters and you can use two of these each day.

post box

If you have any questions about how you can post your mail or any general questions about Royal Mail’s franking services then please get in touch. We are Royal Mail approved suppliers of postal franking equipment and our friendly team is happy to help with any questions you have.

Please call us on 01322 643825 for more information.