Medium Volume Franking Machines

Some days less but on occasions you need to send more than 100 items in an afternoon, so you will need a machine that can easily cope with these volumes and quickly process your post before Royal Mail arrives. Perhaps you already have a machine and are looking to upgrade it to a faster model or Mailmark so you get access to the best value franking tariff; either way our Award Winning PostBase Econ, Office and Enterprise machines will make a great addition to your office.

Our PostBase machines were developed especially for Mailmark and offer an extra postage discount of 14% against standard franking or 34% against Stamp prices. These machines will also offer you the ability to add bigger scales or an automatic feeder.

Don’t worry if you are unsure which machine would suit your office or department, we can do a comparison against your existing equipment or alternatively our quick postal survey can be an essential part of getting the best value solution.