Franking Machines

franking machines low

Low Volume

Under 20 items per day

franking machines medium

Medium Volume

20 – 100 items per day

franking machines high

High Volume

100+ items per day

Folder Inserters

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Low Volume

folder inserter medium

Medium Volume

folder inserter high

High Volume

Other products

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Print Products


X-ray Post Scanners

lp16 single sided letteropener

Letter Openers

Mailing equipment and postage savings for businesses across the UK

If your business sends post, or receives it then we can help. Our extensive range of equipment including franking machines, envelope inserting machines and software offers automation and postage savings whatever your mailing volumes or business size.

Personal touch

Since 1995, we have built a reputation for quality and outstanding customer service provided by a friendly hardworking team that we are fiercely proud of, and have worked with for many years.


What our customers say

dave t2 w190 h200

FP supply all of our offices throughout London. The savings are significant against stamps and the machines are so simple to use. Additionally we are able to get a complete audit of all our postal spend which is brilliant for our accounts and one dedicated account manager looking after us.

David, South East London

simon strudwick 2016 640px w190 h200

We recently switched over our Franking machine supplier to FP and what a great decision it was! Everyone loves the new machine and it was refreshing to find an account manager who understood our needs, delivered on his promises and even came in and installed our machine- highly recommend.

Steve, Kent