Additional postage discounts

Royal Mail’s volume related discounts (VRD) will save franking customers 38%* on their mailing costs

Royal Mail has announced a new and upgraded service for franking customers. This service provides you with substantial discounts against standard franking prices.

Mailmark Franking price VRD price Saving
First Class Letter 126p 78p 48p
Second Class Letter 80p 54p 27p

Using our PostBase range is the simplest way to make postage savings

Select the VRD service from your franking machine’s menu

vrd step1

Pay Royal Mail less for postage

vrd step2

Frank your mail and the Royal Mail will collect it

vrd step3

New service from Royal Mail

In conjunction with this new service we have launched our PostBase range. This new franking technology has been developed for Mailmark VRD; Royal Mail’s new postal barcoding system which is read by their sorting machines, allowing your mail to be processed at a higher volume and with more accuracy as it moves through the postal system from your machine through to your customers.

The new service offers you…

  • Mailmark – prints a trackable barcode
  • Self-reporting – machine sends data directly to Royal Mail
  • Presentation – include your advertising message or logo
  • Collection of your post by Royal Mail
  • Substantial discounts.

Who can take advantage of this service

If you are sending mailshots, statements or reminders then you can start taking advantage of this service. The flexibility of accessing this service through your Mailmark franking machine means you can use it every day or just when you need it.

How to access this service

To learn more about the benefits of this new service and how to access the available postage discounts please contact us directly on 01322 288890, email or complete the form below.

*Based on First Class letters