X-Ray Post Scanners

Secure Scanning of your incoming mail

Protect your staff and premises

If post scanners and mailroom security are required or has now become more critical to your business then an x-ray scanner will protect your staff and business by scanning your incoming letters, parcels and baggage by detecting:

  • Explosives
  • Chemical and biological threat
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Malicious mail

We provide different solutions depending on your requirements including cabinet scanners which will easily fit into any space, up to larger conveyor scanners for higher volumes of incoming mail items.

Threat Assessment

Before you begin looking at products we recommend arranging a visit from a Threat Assessment Manager who will produce a confidential risk assessment report detailing what areas of your post room and incoming mail process are vulnerable. We will arrange this visit at a time suitable for you and with any other relevant members of staff as required.

A fully trained engineer will provide installation, full operator training and image analysis and device detection training and maintenance cover. We are fully compliant with all HSE and international safety standards and can remove and dispose of existing equipment.


High Definition X-ray screening cabinet

Protect yourself from postal threats with a compact and easy to use cabinet scanner.

Designed with a compact footprint for your business when space is at a premium and for smaller quantities of incoming mail, packages and bags. The MR15 is a cost effective way to protect your staff, premises and ensure minimal disruption to your business.

The high definition images scanned will let you instantly see on screen what is in any item of post you receive, and our training will teach your staff to spot a threat.

We are fully compliant with all HSE and international safety standards and arrange licensing and delivery. A fully trained engineer provides installation of the MR15, full operator and image analysis and device detection training. If you are replacing an existing scanning unit we can remove and dispose of your old equipment.



Conveyor X-Ray Scanner

Scan high volumes of mail and parcels entering your workplace.

The MR50 is a small conveyor high definition X-ray Scanner. It has a small footprint but has a high number of features to protect your workplace against any potential chemical, biological, explosive or malicious threat that could arrive by post or courier.

With a tunnel opening of 506 x 360mm and flexible conveyor system you will be able to deal with high volumes of mail, deliveries and baggage at 0.2m/second belt speed. The MR50 can also be used in a stationary situation or moved around your organisation for your different applications.

The MR50 can be networked so images can be instantly sent to other departments or another office and archived for future reference. Using the latest x-ray generator and sensor technology gives you accuracy and will define shape, edges and density of all the items you put through the machine.