Letter Openers

Speed up the processing of your incoming mail with a compact and easy to use automatic letter opener

im 16 letter opener2


Single-sided letter opener

The LP16 letter opener can operate at speeds of up to 300 letters per minute, so opened mail is delivered faster. Easy-to-use and reliable, it can handle mixed mail without pre-sorting, and opens a wide range of envelope sizes. Its efficiency gives your staff time to concentrate on more productive work.

The LP16 uses an innovative method to neatly slit one side of the envelope, leaving no sharp borders. This means the contents are left undamaged and ensures safe handling.

lp16 single sided letteropener


Heavy duty letter opener

Stack up your items and open 400 envelopes per minute.

At only 46cm wide, this compact letter opener will fit on any desk and will quickly and quietly open your letters for you.

Just stack the envelopes onto the feeder and the LP19 will cut just enough (3mm) off each letter so the contents are not damaged but are ready for you to process.

lp19 heavy duty letter opener mmr

LP22 & LP27

High speed letter openers

The LP22 and LP27 high-speed automatic letter openers are crucial for the efficiency of your post room if you are handling high quantities of mail.

Using milling cutting it can process 10 envelopes per second so it is extremely fast yet does not require pre-sorting. This means you just load the envelopes and use the simple touchscreen to control the feeders and counters.

lp22 high speed letteropener

LP30 & 35

1, 2 and 3 sided letter openers

The LP30 can easily handle full mixed and standard mail, without changing any settings. Simply load your envelopes and the machine automatically feeds and opens the envelopes on 1, 2 or 3 sides, and can even extract the contents.

Load your envelopes into the large envelope hopper and the machine will quickly, quietly and carefully slice open 2,400 items of your mail per hour, ready for your team to process the contents.

lp30 letter opener my mailing room