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Incoming Mail Tracking
MyTAG Postroom from My Mailing Room is a secure cloud-based system which will enable you to track, deliver and record all your incoming and outgoing parcels/letters throughout your building and organisation.
The system is really easy to use and has the benefit of being live and fully portable
Colin, Tower 42


Our MyTag software is used by postrooms across the UK to track and monitor internal mail items.


If your organisation or mailroom is sending and receiving mail, then we can help. For more information, a demonstration or pricing please call us on 01322 643825.


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Easily track your internal inbound and outbound mail, parcels and deliveries

Cloud-based system hosted in our secure data centre

No IT infrastructure or installation costs

Input, track and report from any location even without internet connection

Full traceability and reporting

Proof of delivery including signature capture

Eliminates time consuming paper records

Avoids disputes caused by delayed, damaged or lost items

Who needs postroom/mailroom management software?
If you manage a busy postroom or loading bay, then you’ll love how easy our system is to use and requires minimal training. MyTAG Postroom is already trusted by building management companies, facilities management organisations, buildings with multiple occupants and serviced offices. Our system’s low cost and simplicity to use makes it ideal for any organisation that receives parcels and deliveries as well as providing proof of collection for outbound items.
Why is our postroom software great for your business?

The system is a turnkey solution with several payment options, therefore no initial investment is required. The software is a cloud-based system hosted in our secure data centre which gives you access to inbound and outbound information from any device in any location and means there are no IT infrastructure or installation costs. The system will also help improve productivity; reduce the use of paper, and highlight potential cost savings.

How does our postroom management system work?
The system can scan and record the date, time and place at any stage of the process for ease of tracking. Both live and historic data can be accessed anywhere via a PC, tablet or mobile device allowing you to quickly respond to queries from your clients, tenants and staff members. The email notification function will inform recipients that their parcel has arrived using predefined instructions. The system enables you to produce management and client reports which can be accessed from any location.
What is included?

Our MyTAG® Postroom software offers a complete Inbound and outbound post management system. This includes a full SaaS licence and there is no limit to the number of users you can add. We also provide a free mobile App which can be downloaded onto an unlimited number of devices.

Included within this system is an integrated email notification facility and reporting suite.

In addition to the software and optional hardware (if required) we offer onsite training and a UK-based help and support line.


Why choose MyTag Postroom



The postroom team have found MyTAG straightforward to use, and it’s great to have removed paper from another building management process. The system is simple, but very flexible, and it has allowed us to make cost savings whilst maintaining high service standards.“

Jordan Chapman, Facilities Manager