Mailing Automation Services

All the functionality and expertise of an in-house mailroom, but without needing the mailroom, the staff or the running costs.


Why Use Transactional Mail?

For our customers, transactional mailings mean delivering a physical item to a named individual or business. This includes sending :

  • Order acknowledgements and receipts 
  • Renewal notices and confirmations 
  • Changes to legal information or terms and conditions 
  • Thank you and welcome messages 
  • Financial statements, arrears, invoices & payslips 
  • Home/Business address charges 

Why Use Advertising Mail?

Advertising mail is also known as direct mail, promotional mail, or marketing mail. The goal of advertising mail is to generate leads, increase sales, raise brand awareness, or promote specific products, services, or events. This includes sending: 

  • Sales letters or offers 
  • Brochures and catalogues 
  • Postcards 
  • Coupons or vouchers 
  • Seasonal marketing 
  • Political campaigns 

Our Mailroom Services

This is not just software or a web interface without any advice or interaction, which is why we are extremely confident with our offering. Our services are a combination of support, equipment and industry expertise packaged into a tailored service to our customers giving them full mailroom functionality so they can send low cost, professional looking mailings while keeping in control of their information. 

Depending on your requirement, you may want to leave it to us to send out; or alternatively many companies want to do this themselves so they get to see their own marketing creations or include extra material and process within their own time frames. With our advice, this is easily achieved using your own office printer and a small mailing machine plus we will guarantee that you will pay the lowest postage prices. 


The majority of our customers began working with us after realising they needed a solution for sending out their bulk mailings which were previously costing time and money, but was profitable for lead generation. They knew they needed a solution but were not sure where to start. 

Our expertise will ensure that whatever happens next, after speaking with one of our team, you will have the best information, facts and options on hand ready to drive your mailings forward. 


  • Access biggest postal discounts with Royal Mail and other providers 
  • Access to data cleaning and address checking tools 
  • Trusted industry expertise 
  • Full solution scoping 


  • Very quickly assess what savings can be achieved 
  • The full process explained – find out what a stress free and streamlined process would look like for your business. 
  • Free test of your mailing