Advertising Mail Services

Expert advice for anyone sending advertising mailings such as brochures, postcards, coupons and vouchers.


Who is this for?

The goal of advertising mail is to generate leads, increase sales, raise brand awareness, or promote specific products, services, or events. This includes sending: 

  • Sales letters or offers 
  • Brochures and catalogues 
  • Postcards 
  • Coupons or vouchers 
  • Seasonal marketing 
  • Political campaigns 
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Sending physical mail is often done to improve customer experience and brand awareness or for legal reasons such as changes and notices. Transactional mail can also make payment collection more effective and includes sending out financial documents, statements, invoices and reminders. Because physical mail has a much higher open rate than email, you will find that important notices and medical reminders are very often sent by mail.

While paperless billing and renewals are becoming more common, many people still prefer to receive their important documents by post. Companies that use mail find that their physical communications, when compared with a message delivered through a digital channel, can improve their customer’s overall experience because they offer something tangible and are more likely to be noticed and interacted with. Royal Mail research shows that customer mail is engaged with more than email with 85% of people opening it, and 65% keeping it for future reference.

Sales letters or offers 

A sales letter can range from a simple sheet of A4 paper, to a covering letter including a brochure, voucher or reply-paid envelope. These simple yet effective mailings can target potential or lapsed customers, or target new customers and are used by businesses and charities. 


Brochures and catalogues 

Internet shopping has not reduced the impact of showcasing your products with a physical catalogue. Flicking through a catalogue in your own time is a relaxed experience, especially when compared with the numerous marketing emails received and various pop-ups when viewing on screen. 

Physical brochures are now rare, being replaced by downloadable PDFs. Although, a PDF download is instant it doesn’t compare with a high-quality brochure, addressed to your customer, advertising your products and services. Physical brochures, are not just used to advertise products; charities and businesses offering financial services also effectively use brochures sent in the post. 



Postcard marketing can help you reach a targeted audience with a one-off or regular offer, promotion or as a reminder of your services. These cards are a cost-effective way of getting your message into your customers hands, and if relevant, is something that they will keep hold of. 



Coupons or vouchers 

Coupons and money off vouchers are an extremely effective way of providing your targeted audience with a tangible reminder of an offer which can be kept and redeemed when required. Using high quality visuals, colours and QR codes; coupons and vouchers can be added with a tear-off section or added alongside a covering letter and is an appealing way to incentivise customers back to your business.


Seasonal marketing

Physical mail is a great way to re-engage with customers that may only require your services seasonally, or to advertise sales and promotions to new customers. Although sending a physical item advertising a time sensitive offer can lose effectiveness if delayed, with planning and using the right service, mail is a simple and cost-effective way to generate trials of your products or services and drive customers to your website or visit your premises.


Political campaigns 

Political campaigns make frequent use of direct mail to promote, re-enforce support for a candidate or to target certain demographics of voters and advertise local events to the electorate. Using mail to get your message across is an extremely important part of a successful election campaign, and gives your party the chance to deliver a compelling and memorable message. 

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