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Low Volume User

Using stamps or the post office and want the professional image of a franking machine; to save time and money on your postage? Our low volume range is made for your small or home office and is your access to Royal Mail discounts.

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Medium Volume User

Need a new machine or an upgrade for your busy office or department; sending batches of daily post and the occasional big mailing? Our medium volume range will quickly process these for you with optional feeder and special function options.

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High Volume User

Typically used in the busiest post rooms these franking systems process mail at very high speeds to cope with anything up to thousands of items each and every day. Our high volume range is ready to do this with dynamic weighing and power stacking.

FP Mailing Franking Machines

Smart Franking Machines and Postage Savings

Why choose a Franking Machine from My Mailing Room?

If you are sending post in any form then My Mailing Room can help you. We believe in providing a complete service from your initial enquiry through to full account management including after-sales services and account reviews.

Using stamps or already using a machine then My Mailing Room will show you how to achieve the biggest savings and how to choose the right franking machine. Our experienced Mail Room Consultants will help you to choose the best franking machine for your business, this will depend on several factors such as postal volumes and mail services used.

We will provide you with all the information you require, in a clear format to help choose a machine or to find a replacement/upgrade for your current model. We provide after-sales support including removal of existing equipment and settling existing suppliers contracts.

Folder Inserters

If sending out mail from your office takes up staff time or worse, stops you sending direct mail then a folding and inserting machine should be integral to your mail process, and will benefit businesses sending as little as 3000 items per month.

See our range of folder inserters; from small desktop up to high volume inserters. Our new folding and inserting machines are very easy to use with colour touchscreens and “Load’n’go” which means anyone in your office can use it for your invoices, statements, letters and any other direct mailings at the press of a button.

The range of equipment is versatile and allows you to choose from small and compact small office machines up to high volume equipment which includes OMR and will easily process 100,000 items per month.

With our experienced Mail Room Consultants we will provide you with all the information required, in a clear format to help choose a machine or find a replacement/upgrade for your current model.

Postage Savings

Is your business missing out on savings of upto 33% by not using Business Mail? Discounts start at 12% but increase to 22.5% when sending batches of mail from as little as 500 items.

Mailmark Franking Machines

Mailmark is Royal Mail’s new £70M investment; launching in April with a 2D barcode indicia replacing your existing franking impression and offering the best value tariff for franking machine customers.

Other ways we can help . . .call one of our Mailroom Consultants any time for advice on 01322 288890