Letter folder and envelope inserting machines

Automatic letter folder and envelope inserting for your office

A letter folder and envelope inserting machine is the simplest and fastest way of preparing your mail.

1. Load your documents and envelopes

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2. Choose your job using the colour touch screen

letter folding step2 w500 h500

3. Press start. And your letters are automatically folded and inserted into envelopes ready for posting.

letter folding step3 w500 h500

If your business or office is currently folding paper and inserting it into an envelope by hand then you’ll be relieved to know there is a machine that does this for you. It’s also more cost effective than you think!

We can bring a demonstration machine to your office and show you how much time you’ll save.

For more information and prices please call us on 01322 643825, complete the form below or send an email to enquiries@mymailingroom.com.

Using our very popular FPi 700 desktop letter folder and inserter you’ll be able to process letters, flyers, brochures, invoices and statements (up to 5 pages including staples) at a rate of 1350 letters in just 60 minutes!

Very simple to use and training isn’t required; just load your documents and envelopes and you’re ready to go.

fpi 600 w500 h500