Folder Inserters Low Volume

FPi 700 Folder Inserter

FPi 700 Folder Inserter

Popular entry level paper folder and envelope inserting machine.

Features and Benefits

  • 1,350 inserts per hour
  • Large intuitive colour touchscreen
  • 2 document feeders and insert feeder
  • Secure double-feed detection
  • 15 job memories
  • 5 sheet automatic folding
    DL / C5 envelopes
  • Tri-fold brochure unit.

FPi 700 paper folding and envelope inserting machine

The new FPi 700 from My Mailing Room is perfect for any office or business sending out invoices, statements, reminder letters and other marketing material.

Who needs a letter folding and envelope inserting machine?

Anyone whose job involves preparing a mailing by hand will know how much time and effort goes into this task and how much precious time is wasted. Without an envelope inserting machine each letter has to folded, stuffed into an envelope and then sealed. These steps then have to be repeated until you have folded, inserted and sealed all the envelopes; which depending on your volumes can take hours or days.

Using a folding and inserting machine automates this process for you so that a mailing which would normally take hours, now takes minutes to complete.

This time saving is exactly what our FPi 700 will do for you – and your business! And for your business time savings equate to cost savings.

High performance in a small package

The FPi 700 is a fully automatic folding and inserting machine with all the features and benefits, but its compact design means it will fit on a desk. In addition to its small size the FPi 700 is also quiet enough for use in any office environment, so day-to-day work isn’t interrupted.

New intuitive colour touchscreen

Our FPi 700 was designed to be easy to use by any member of staff with little or no training. The large colour touchscreen makes it possible to load your paper and envelopes and quickly set up your mailing to include multiple pages, inserts or reply-paid envelopes. Press the start button and the machine can automatically take up to 5 sheets, fold them, insert them into an envelope and then seal it.

The easy to use features continue with the unique clam-shell design. This gives the operator the maximum ease of access for maintenance and servicing without needing to move the machine.

Multiple fold types

Using the latest PowerFold technology and Fold Unit you can create your own brochures, menus and leaflets with professional folds every time. Fold sheets up to 120gsm and choose from 4 standard fold types or manually adjust the fold plates using the touchscreen.

Security for your mailings (GDPR)

Data security is now vitally important when sending correspondence, so the FPi 700 features a double-feed monitor to reliably prevent errors. This ensures that your customer or clients’ information isn’t accidentally posted to another recipient.

Improve office efficiencies

Everything from postcard-sized mailings to standard business correspondence can be processed at up to 1,350 items per hour using the FPi 700 folding and inserting machine. The daily mail mode also allows you to fold and insert up to 5 stapled sheets into single envelopes and seal them ready for mailing.

The 3 automatic feeder stations (2x document and 1x supplement station) deliver maximum flexibility with each station holding 100 sheets of paper. For non-stop operation the two document stations can be switched to tandem mode, so each station works without interruption even when the other station is empty. This means you can reload your documents without interrupting your mailing.

Our FPi 700 is cost effective and easy to implement and we are happy to demonstrate this at your premises. If you want to spend less time hand-folding paper and stuffing it into envelopes then please contact us to request a quotation.

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