Franking Machines High Volume

PostBase Vision 9a Franking Machine

PostBase Vision 9a Franking Machine

Franking machine for high volumes of mixed mail

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use colour touchscreen
  • Advanced anti-skew feeder for large envelopes and high volumes
  • 7kg integrated scale and optional 30kg interfaced scale
  • Differential weighing
  • Label dispenser
  • High speed Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Online management of postage accounts
  • Vision 360 Multisite management

PostBase Vision 9a

The PostBase 9a’s award winning design and easy functionality makes it the ideal choice for any business sending high volumes of mail. The PostBase Vision is packed with the latest features including a full accounting suite, PIN security and a high capacity and processing speed for bundles of letters.

Advanced anti-skew automatic feeder

The automatic feeder can be adjusted for all sizes of mail including C4 Large Letters at up to 7mm thick. The advanced anti-skew automatic feeder will quickly and quietly processes your envelopes ensuring each item is correctly franked with the Mailmark Barcode, your logo and advertising message as required.

Automatic label dispenser

The PostBase Enterprise isn’t just for letters. With an integrated 7kg scale (or optional interfaced 30kg scale platform) you can use the built-in label dispenser for all the available Royal Mail services. Using the touch-screen the PostBase Vision allows you to automatically print onto labels for single or multiple items. This means that when you need labels for several similar parcels just weigh and price one item, press the quantity required and the PostBase Vision will quickly print them for you ready to be affixed to your parcels.

Real time reporting and cloud connection

Your PostBase Vision has a secure cloud connection which can be accessed from any internet connected device such as your PC, tablet or mobile in real time. The reporting functions include the option report on departments, items, types of mail and spend. The online portal also offers access to the machine’s advanced settings so you can manage department codes, user access or change logos and messages.

Vision 360 Multisite management

If you manage regional offices and have franking machines in multiple locations, then you can take advantage of the PostBase Vision’s 360 multisite management function. This function cleverly connects all your machines so you can monitor each machine from your desk using the online portal.

New postal discounts

The PostBase Vision’s development includes enhancements to maximise your use of all Royal Mail’s services including volume-related discounts which can add a saving of up to 23% to batches of mail of as little as 250 items. To help you navigate through these new services and features the PostBase Vision’s 5” colour touchscreen was designed to be very easy to use meaning that anyone in your team can use the machine without training or instructions.

Network connectivity

For integration into your office or mailroom’s network the PostBase Enterprise can securely connect via LAN or built-in Wi-Fi. If you have a post room without these options then the PostBase Vison offers an 3G connection. Our trained engineers will set up the equipment for you, provide training and ensure that the equipment is fully operational so your important outgoing post will not be interrupted.

We pride ourselves of our customer support but for further peace of mind your assigned Account Manager will arrange follow-up calls and review meetings to ensure you are receiving the best possible service and are accessing the correct postal discounts.

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