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Franking Machines and Mailmark – What is Mailmark?

Is your business using stamps/the Post Office? Or are you already using a franking machine; are you being told about the new postal barcode system for franking machines? Either way, we hope this information helps you get a better understanding of this service from Royal Mail.

Mailmark is a migration to barcoded mail that can be read by a machine. It was announced 5 years ago in 2013 as Royal Mail’s £70M investment into automation across their postal network and this new barcode was going to be the future of post. 5 years on, and the migration to this advanced system is well underway. In short, businesses who switch to Mailmark get all the benefits and most importantly a considerable postage discount!

If you are currently taking your mail to the Post Office or buying books of stamps then traditional franking will offer you a discount; but by using Mailmark you would benefit from Royal Mail’s best value tariff. Sending First Class and Second Class services offer the biggest discounts with Mailmark; BUT Mailmark Extra is going to give you something more and is a must for any business sending post.

EXCLUSIVE Mailmark Extra

Mailmark Extra is FP’s exclusive promotion which My Mailing Room offer to our new PostBase Qi range customers. Mailmark Extra adds an extra 1 penny discount to every single Letter and Large Letter you send. 1p may not appear substantial but when added to the Royal Mail’s Mailmark franking tariff discounts you’ll save 10% against standard franking and 34% against Post Office/Stamp prices.

Can everyone benefit from Mailmark?

The answer is yes! To benefit from these discounts and take advantage of these savings you only need a Mailmark franking machine. With a Mailmark franking machine there are no minimum posting requirements and Mailmark is already used by companies with smaller volumes of post, up to the largest postrooms that send out large volumes of mail each day. If you are already using a franking machine then depending on the age of your equipment you may just need a software upgrade to start printing the barcode; older machines would need to be replaced as they require an internet connection.

What are the advantages of Mailmark?

Best value tariff for franking machines – Mailmark customers receive postal discounts on every letter sent and this is in addition to current franked mail savings. Since the Mailmark barcodes’ introduction Mailmark discounts have increased every year as part of Royal Mail’s incentive to migrate all machines to print a Mailmark barcode, so it’s is essential to keep your mailing costs low.

Create your own Reply-paid envelopes – using only your Mailmark franking machine, you can now produce your own Reply-paid envelopes. This is a great alternative for customers who want a way for their recipients to post back important documents or forms but don’t want the expense of a Royal Mail Business Reply account. More information regarding this feature is shown below.

LAN/Wi-Fi connection – with a secure connection to the internet your Mailmark franking machine will now download updates much more quickly and means prices are updated automatically.
Enhanced reporting – the 2D Mailmark barcode includes information from your franking machine including the postage date, price, meter number and the class of mail. This information is read by Royal Mail’s sorting machines and is tracked through the postal system.

Mailmark Reply-paid envelopes

The Reply-Paid envelopes you can now create are a very useful feature for businesses, especially if you send out documents that need to be signed and returned. You only need your Mailmark franking machine to do this. To create one select First or Second Class (same prices as First and Second Class letters) then run an empty envelope showing your address through your franking machine and give it to your customer. There is no need for a Reply-paid account; no need to hold stock of Freepost envelopes, and there is no limit to how many you can create. When your customer wants to return that document or form, they just need to put this envelope into any post box and it’ll be sent back to you.

Should you switch to Mailmark?

If your business is sending post and you are looking at getting a franking machine or the contract for your existing franking machine is up for renewal; then it is very likely that you will be trying to get quotations from several suppliers. When you do, make sure it is for a Mailmark franking machine as these will offer you the best value.

Mailmark is the future of post and Royal Mail have invested heavily on making this service efficient and cost effective. As a customer, using this new service you will receive the benefits.

In addition to the pricing benefits; a new franking machine will be much easier to use, smaller, and quieter. All the machines in our PostBase Qi range were designed for Mailmark and include the added bonus of Mailmark Extra, so if you haven’t already spoken to us then we would recommend you contact us to find out more.

My Mailing Room

At My Mailing Room our team have over 100 years combined experience with mailing equipment, meaning that when it comes to mail – we are the experts. If you would like to know more about Mailmark and the benefits of franking, or how to make postage savings then please contact us on 01322 643825 or email