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Why use an internal mail tracking system?

As online shopping continues to rise and sales from the high street steadily decline, you may notice an increase in personal items entering your business offices and overrunning your post room staff. If you are responsible for managing these incoming deliveries, as well as the regular business post, it can be time consuming and less efficient, to be manually handling this issue.

When intercepting post in the mail room, there is also the issue of security, as it is a gateway into your business regardless of the size. By having a secure and efficient system in place, it can improve the safety of both your staff and the assets of the business.

Post rooms can often be the area that the most wastepaper is created throughout the entirety of your business and by digitalising the information and your mail systems, it can get your company on the way to lowering your environmental impact and overall carbon footprint. This is a great way to improve both your customer and employee satisfaction.

It also eliminates the time-wasting issue of disputing missing parcels and letters as the item is scanned at each stage of the delivery process. If you have recently lost items and faced the question of accountability, internal mail tracking may be the solution to any future issues.

internal mail tracking parcels

Postroom by MyTag
‘MyTAG’s unique system combines Near Field Communications, Geo-Positioning and Trusted Proof of Presence’ ensures complete data confidentiality and protection in a way that barcodes and QR can not match. Its system creates a digital record as soon as it scans the existing package barcode and immediately sends the recipient of the package an email notifying them, allowing quick pick up times and reducing the backlog in your mail room. The software is cloud based which allows you to maintain your digital mail system without the need for internet as the information is simply uploaded and updated when you reconnect.

The reporting section of Postroom by MyTAG displays insights on the amount and types of mail, the efficiency of your post room staff, who is receiving the most post and what times your deliveries are regularly coming in. This allows you to see the busiest times and sections of the office to better manage your work force to maintain a high level of efficiency. It also shows exactly where the item was last seen, as it is scanned at each destination, to eliminate the need for dispute caused by delayed, damaged or lost items. The need for a signature at each stage of delivery allows complete accountability and tracks the time.

The Postroom system is also available as an app to turn any previous hardware or mobile device into a scanner and signature reader so there are no installation costs and can be up and running in a few hours. As it is so easy to use, there is also minimal training, which is included in the setup of the system and will provided by an expert member of the team.

My Mailing Room
The team at MyMailingRoom have a combined 100 years experience in all things mail. In 2012 the company combined all sections into one office to ensure the highest levels of expertise and customer care. This includes the use of mailroom security systems, with both cabinet and conveyor x-ray scanners and postal security threat detection software. This section of the company has the latest technology and over 20 years combined experience!

My Mailing Room is a trusted and major supplier of franking machinesprintersfolder inserters and other office equipment, making them the perfect company to work with when investing in internal mail tracking. They will provide a supportive and experienced account manager as well as a care team to help guide your company through installation, training and maintenance, all while providing excellent customer service.

internal mail tracking security

Security Benefits

Unlike barcodes and QR codes, MyTAG’s trusted tag system is completely unclonable, giving you and your customers the peace of mind that all their important information is completely secure on your system. Being ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 certified, it allows you to be completely sure that all your personal data is also protected from outside attacks. Both MyTAG and My Mailing Room are both fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

Instead of asking for ID from your package recipients, MyTAG produces a unique code which ensures you that the person collecting is the one who received the conformation email and that there will be no missing parcels in the future.

internal mail tracking enviromental

Environmental Benefits

Paper documents take up 90% of office waste and reducing this by just 10% would help to reduce greenhouse emissions by 1.45 million metric tonnes. There’s never been a better time to go paperless!

Postroom internal mail tracking is a great way to reduce your paper usage in an office and put you on the way to improving your environmental impact. If you are looking to go paperless, it could have huge financial savings as well as all the other benefits that the MyTAG Postroom by My Mailing Room provides. This could even be up to £10,000 for an eight-employee company!

Improving your carbon footprint by going digital with your post room can improve your customer and employee satisfaction and even get you on the way to receiving ISO:14001 certification for your business. This is a government initiative that ‘specifies the requirements of an environmental management system’ and can be gained as reducing paper waste comes under a key performance indicator of your business.

The need for label printers is also made redundant as with Postroom, you simply use the label already attached to the parcel or you are given a short and unique code to write on the parcel, which makes this system entirely paperless and waste free!